About Us

Bloomhub exists to simplify the process of the cannabis industry for everyone involved. From the growers to the producers, the processors to the retailers, and the retailers to the consumers, the purchasing management systems are currently faulty and flawed.

Bloomhub allows producer/processors to build a marketplace for their retail partners to order from and track their orders every step of the way. 

By automatically syncing with each state's traceability database, the process of retailers and producers building their menu is drastically simplified. Now retailers can embed their live active menues directly on their website and allow their customers to place in-store pickup orders online at will.

The future roadmap of the Bloomhub product brings even more integration to the platform, ultimately allowing each party interested to leverage the powerful software as a hub for all of their activity in the industry.

We're excited to show you what we're working on, and encourage all the feedback you're willing to give.